Awin User Agreement

Will you provide a link to your privacy and data policies? Do you have the inventory you sell? No, we act as intermediaries between publishers who own their inventory and advertisers who can promote their brands and products through our network with this inventory. All advertisers and publishers have the ability to communicate directly with each other, with contact information shown in Awin`s user interface. Customer participation in the zanox place is done through individuals personally registered as users („users“) in the zanox market and authorized by customers. This registration as a user in the zanox market is done on the basis of these conditions for users. What brand security measures do you use? All publishers must submit to a series of manual and automated tests before joining Awin. The company also needs a small fee to verify its identity. The tax is refunded in the publisher`s first payment. In addition, advertisers can manually authorize all publishers for their affiliate campaign and set additional terms and conditions. All publusher are bound by the network`s standard contract as well as an additional publishing agreement. Awin also has a number of proprietary and third-party tools to monitor current performance.

Do you have a display error policy? Yes, just like our publishing conditions, we invite all publishers to engage in our code of conduct, which explains how to be marketed responsibly: 12.3 This agreement defines the complete agreement and agreement between the parties. Another insurance or declaration (excluding fraud), including in writing, is a clause in this agreement. Can you provide the full details of the agreement on a booking/contract form? Yes, commissions, surcharges and surcharges are agreed in advance. Advertisers may vary commissions based on business opportunities. For example, when they bring a new product or service to market, they may offer expanded commissions, which may also be linked to additional advertising coverage. These commissions may vary depending on the type of publisher, market pathways, types of customers and scope. Commissions also vary depending on the margin available. For example, an electricity distributor may have different commission rates for white goods and brown items, televisions and refrigerators, etc. Because the model is based on performance, it is generally easy to develop the return on investment and available margins to increase revenue. Would you like to share your optimization tactics? Yes, we publish content that explains how to maximize affiliate performance, and many publishers share their tactics with the brands they promote. We have a special „Market Insights“ section on our website and publish an annual final guide for the industry in the Awin Report. If you want to connect your AWIN account to our system, you must provide us with an API key for each Awin account and with the publisher credentials of all Awin sub-accounts. This registration information must be filled out on our data source page that you can find via this link: 1.1 This service affiliation agreement (the „contract“) is between Digital Window Ltd(company number 4010229) („DWL“) and you as a user of the „Affiliate Affiliate“ („Affiliate“). 3.2 Registration is conditional on the full and truthful provision of the data required for registration. The user must choose and determine a freely selectable username under which he wishes to operate in the zanox market place („username“).