Chef Service Agreement

Invoices are emailed by ECC via Intuit (Quickbooks) after the service date. 15 days after the date of service, a delayed commission equal to 10% of the bill, as well as a credit card processing fee of an additional 2.7% of the bill will be added to the unpaid bill. Checks and direct bank transfers are preferred means of payment. ECC accepts all popular credit cards. If you opt for credit card payment, there will be no processing fee unless your bill is deemed pending. ECC does not accept payments from Venmo, PayPal or Stripe. Please contact Ryan Diaz at 240-426-8298 to discuss other payment methods. Chef Networks has set up an online service reservation system („reserve“) via the platform. By using the platform as a leader, you accept permission from Chefs Networks to charge the corresponding administrative fees on your behalf and name number.

From the date of this express or tacit confirmation, you, as a cook, will be credited with a credit on your account. This credit is the total amount paid by the customer at the time of booking, after deducting administrative fees. Take a K2K SL (`Chefs Networks`) has developed an advertising platform that can be accessed from the website designed to contact customers who wish to enter into a private kitchen service with cooks who offer their services as independent providers of these services. Cancellation of a service is subject to the following conditions: To book a service through Chefs Networks, it is necessary that (1) the customer has registered an application on the platform that is automatically derived patterns available from the Comensal website, (ii) send at least one chef to send your offer in response to that request and (iii) the Comensal pay via the platform the price set by the boss. These CGUs and integrated by reference documents constitute the whole agreement between you and Chefs Networks regarding the use of the platform. Any other document that is mentioned in the platform (for example. B FAQ) is only indicative. Chief rate: This means the amount the chief receives after the service is performed, the cost of the rebate. As a customer, you can book a service on the platform after the corresponding booking process.

After receiving a confirmation of booking se-e-mail from the chief Take a legally binding contract between The Diner and the Chef, subject to the conditions agreed between the parties is formed. Heads Networks calculated price agreed by the parties at the time of booking. Please provide two weeks` notice if you wish to cancel a cooking date. ECC is aware that not everything goes according to plan, which is why ECC allows two „free tickets“ every quarter for weekly customers and a „free pass“ every six weeks for two-week customers. If you do not inform your chef correctly, you will be charged the daily price on the cancelled cooking date.