Dd 441 Security Agreement

DD Form 441-1, an annex to the Ministry of Defence security agreement, is an annex to the DoD security agreement. It contains a list of departments and branches covered by the main security agreement and standard form 328, a certificate of foreign interest. If your business is a division or branch of a company that has already received an FCL, your business will be included under the security agreement signed by The Home Office. In this case, your free space is documented on form DD 441-1. If an entity must access the national security information necessary to enter into a contract or respond to a request, it must first obtain a Security Authorization (FCL). The FCL is granted if the federal government finds that providing your company`s access to classified, secret or top secret information is in the national security interest. You cannot apply for an FCL on your own behalf. It is necessary that the classified contract be awarded to your company by a federal agency or by a company that has already received its FCL. Form DD 441 is executed at the time of the agency`s approval and is considered a legally binding document between the U.S.

government and the contractor. By signing this document, you agree to implement a security program and meet the security security requirements outlined in the National Industrial Security Program (NISPOM) Operating Manual. Executing the form allows your organization to work on the classified contract. It also allows the federal government to review the security program you have in place to ensure that it complies with the rules and regulations. DD Form 441, Department of Defense Security Agreement, is a contract form signed between the U.S. government and a contractor. The form delivery department – sometimes falsely referred to as Form DA 441 – is the Ministry of Defense (DoD). The last revision of the document was published on February 1, 2020.