Immigration Agent Agreement Sample

Note: The eligibility of some candidates may vary from time to time. If an applicant has not provided the required documents within six months of the date of the last payment transaction, we will consider the file closed unless our immigration advisor indicates. An additional administration fee of $350 is charged to reopen the business. No refunds or adjustments can be processed when the file is closed or inactive. „applicant,“ any person or person acting on behalf of the person providing the officer`s services for the preparation, dismissal and advice of a visa or migration to Australia under the Australian immigration program. This representation agreement and advertising declaration are provided in accordance with the requirements of Regulation 8 and Schedule 2 of the Migration Agents Regulations 1998, which establishes the Code of Conduct for Migration Officers (Code_of_Conduct). Services to be provided under this service contract may include: „agent“ or „migration agent“ or „registered migration agent“ which, for the purposes of this agreement, involve the same meaning, a registered migration officer registered in Australia with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (the Authority). The agent is authorized to charge the applicant for the work in the agreed phases or work blocks after the completion of the work at each stage or block. The agreed fee does not include payments that may be incurred by the agent, including immigration and citizenship application fees. It is recognized and agreed that payment fees, including translation and certification fees, health check-ups, competency assessments, mail fees and English assessment fees (if necessary), are not within the agreed fee and are the responsibility of the applicant. If the agreement is given to the applicant, e-mailed, mailed or sent by other means and the applicant does not sign the agreement and refers it to the agent, the applicant is nevertheless presumed to have agreed to his terms and conditions if the applicant does not inform the officer, within 21 days, of the concerns that the applicant has or otherwise authorizes the officer`s work regarding the purpose of the agreement.

„The Business“ involves Auzworld Migration Pty Ltd, registered in New South Wales, Australia. The applicant appoints urmila Sumeet Kumar (MARN: 0641554), Executive Director of Auzworld Migration, to represent the applicant and assist the visa or review application or any other service described in this agreement. The agent will respect the confidentiality of the applicant and will not disclose or disclose confidential information about the applicant or the activity of an applicant without the applicant`s written consent, unless required by law.