Txdot Interlocal Agreement

Inter-local agreements do not require a detailed volume of work or advance financing agreements. The following activities do not require agreement on road blocking: safety lighting is used at urban or rural intersections, motorway intersections and night hazards to improve the safety of the facility. If the safety lighting is inside a commune, TxDOT must reach an agreement with the city. The nature of the agreement depends on whether TxDOT will maintain the system directly or whether it will sign it with the city for maintenance. TxDOT installs lighting mainly on roads on the national road. TxDOT occasionally installs lighting on off-system roads as part of larger projects when no government funding is spent. Pre-financing agreements are agreements in which a local government allocates either resources or money to a project. As a general rule, these pre-financing agreements are road contracts and projects are approved according to statutes that allow or oblige local authorities to participate in road expenses. A lighting agreement is generally required whenever TxDOT installs continuous or safe lighting in common cities or in special circumstances, when the counties require it.

Texas Transportation Code 201.209 authorizes TxDOT to enter into inter-local contracts with one or more local governments under the Texas Government Code Chapter 791. Inter-local agreements are intended for TxDOT to provide or acquire goods or services. Inter-local agreements are also agreements with a local government. However, TxDOT uses the term „Interlocal“ to indicate agreements that are not advance financing agreements. Instead, inter-local agreements are used when contracts are entered into to acquire state aroadway functions and services. A private agreement is required when a TxDOT traffic light or lighting system enters the private property. No work should be undertaken on private land until a full copy of the contract has been made available to the owner. Traffic light agreements are used to determine responsibilities between TxDOT and a city for the financing, installation, operation and maintenance of traffic lights on the state`s highway system within a city. The various feeding tower agreements allow the owner to fatten up a refund for the adaptations of the wires, cross arms, etc. of the mast and for the provision of the necessary spaces of freedom between the power lines and the signalling cables. The agreement also provides for a small foreclosure tax. Roadblock agreements give permission to TxDOT when a natural or legal person wishes to carry out an activity that requires the closure of a segment of the state`s motorway system in a communal territory for public purposes.

Inter-local agreements do not allow construction. Construction projects must be implemented through pre-financing agreements. A person or organization seeking authorization to engage in an activity subject to this requirement should first report it to the Texas Film Commission. For more information about MMA, see the maintenance service or the maintenance manual. The Municipal Maintenance Contract (MMA) defines the responsibilities of TxDOT and a city located within the municipality of that city. The MMA deals with many transportation issues, including, but not only: the City Pride Sign Program is a voluntary program that allows a city to install and maintain a shield at the city`s expense near the city`s shield, along with the names of citizen organizations and other news. The City Pride Sign Agreement is used to ensure that the city establishes the sign in accordance with TxDOT specifications and requirements. To preserve roads within the city, the City of Kerrville is working closely with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to share responsibility for road maintenance and access to the road. In accordance with the interlocal agreement with TxDOT, you will find below a map showing the parts responsible for the colored streets.