Evergreen Line Joint Service Agreement

Together, the five shipping companies operate a modern fleet of container ships with a total capacity of more than 1.2 million TEUs and maintain services on a wide range of trade routes around the world. ,… – /t::`n „;I 1 ,.,.:1 –.t`- „i. . M, – I „t“ L-. ,. EVERGREEN LINE JOINT SERVICE AGREMENT FMC Accord 011982-001 Original 1. Revised Page 1 12 ARTICLE 1: AGREENffiN NAME I `:::`:„2-c`).). r;:..; i ro., 1″- v The full name of this agreement is evergreen Line`s joint service Agreement (the „convention„). ARTICLE 2: PURPOSE OF AGREEMENT objective of the agreement is to enable the parties to establish a common service in global activities to and from the United States, including the inland and coastal points served by the service. ARTICLE 3: PARTIES to the agreement The names and addresses of the contracting parties to the agreement are listed below.

Evergreen Marine Corp. (Taiwan) Ltd. 166 Minsheng East Road Section 2 Taipei, Taiwan Italia Marittima S. P. A Passeggio S. Andreas 4-34123 Trieste, Italy HatffiiEvergreenMarine Limitcd (UK) Ltd. Evergreen House 160 Euston Road London, England NWI 2DX U.K. Evergreen Marine (Hong Kong) Ltd.2 22-23 Floor. Harcourt Haus 39 Gloucester Road Wan Chai.

Hong Kong 1As may 1. 2007. Hatsu Marine Ltd. will change its name to Evergreen Marine (UK) Ltd. 2 Evergreen Marine (Hong Kong) Ltd. will supply ships exclusively to non-U.S. companies. Trades.

Evergreen Marine (Hong Kong) Ltd. is not seeking antitrust immunity under the Shipping Act of 1984 as amended by the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 1998. In the case of Evergreen Marine (Hong Kong) Ltd. puts a ship into U.S. trade. this agreement will be revised in accordance with the Federal Maritime Commission`s approvals. Since its inception, Evergreen Line has been a global brand that symbolizes innovative, reliable and sustainable shipping services. We continue our mission to build efficient e-commerce platforms and accelerate our fleet renewal program and introduce increasingly environmentally friendly container ships.