Galway Agreement

On June 6, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration celebrates the 5th anniversary of Galway`s declaration on cooperation in the Atlantic Ocean, an agreement between the United States, Canada and the European Union. The 5th anniversary is celebrated with a solemn event entitled „Transatlantic Research Cooperation to Treasure and Protect the Atlantic Ocean“ at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. This special event will bring together industry, science and policy representatives to find the best ways for science to help us protect our common resource, the North Atlantic. In addition to the French participants, members of the Marine Way Scientific Ltd. of Ottawa also participated in the expedition. Laura McDonough, European Commission, 32-229-87695 Transatlantic Cooperation in Treasure Research and Protection of the Ship Louis S. St. Lawrence atlantic left Halifax on 22 July 2016 en route to Tromsé, Norway. This was the fifth Canada-EU-U.S. mission. Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance.

Galway County Council acquires goods, services and work on a range of values ranging from stationery to high-quality construction projects. There are a number of procurement policies and procedures that must be followed, depending on the value of the treaty, from low value thresholds to nationals and those of the EU. As the value of contracts increases, the procurement process becomes more formal and detailed. The Alliance for All-Atlantic Ocean Research is the result of scientific efforts involving countries on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean to improve maritime cooperation in research and innovation along the Atlantic Ocean, from the Arctic to Antarctica. Guest speakers include representatives from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Marine Institute of Ireland, the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Blue Planet II, the French Embassy, the Oceans Management Consortium, the Ocean Institute and more. The Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance was created in 2013 with the signing of the Galway Declaration on Cooperation in the Atlantic Ocean: if you are a staff member, please visit the internal staff website the campus itself is located on the banks of the Corrib River, in one of Europe`s most attractive university sites. The original university buildings of the mid-19th century are in the style of Tudor architecture. The old stone quadrangle at the heart of the campus is accompanied by new buildings that reflect the university`s steady growth over the past few decades.

. Galway County Council participates in national procurement agreements, which are tendered for tenders; Register accordingly with and you will receive a notification in the event of a tender. All are active partners in research projects and initiatives that support the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance and Canada`s commitment to the Galway Declaration.