Smart Car Finance Agreement

What will happen at the end of my financial agreement? Throughout your agreement, all you have to do is pay your agreed monthly payment. Under an HP agreement, the buyer will borrow the balance after that deposit. The balance is then paid over an agreed term, usually 36 or 48 months. We are happy to approve customers for financing before they actually find the smart car in question, so they can buy freely, with the certainty that they can close the purchase quickly if they are satisfied. An easy path to the property. This is the perfect way to buy a Smart if you want to work your way up to full possession to spread the total cost on a fixed date. Looking for financing for your new Mercedes-Benz, but you`re confused by all the payment options? PCP and HP are among the best known financing options for cars, but what`s the difference between the two? In fact, there are several big differences between a personal contract plan (PCP) and a lease (HP), so it`s worth knowing a little more about what exactly each option contains. At the beginning of an agility agreement, you decide on an amount you want to deposit as a deposit and decide on the duration of your contract as well as your annual mileage. In addition to flexible financing plans, the Mercedes-Benz Retail Group team can also purchase insurance contracts that meet your needs. You can purchase comprehensive insurance for your smart car, insure alloys and tires, or purchase GAP insurance. The amount you deposit and the length of the financing system determine the amount of your monthly payment, with all interest calculated. This is presented as an annual percentage (APR).

Contract Hire gives you the opportunity to enjoy driving a Smart without having to take full responsibility. With this option, you rent your car for a fixed period and for a fixed monthly rent. This rent includes the Road Fund licence fee for the duration of your contract. Manage your online financing contract through our Mercedes-Benz Finance smart customer portal or contact us. The amount borrowed is much less with a PCP system, because you can only borrow part of the cost of the car. As with an HP system, your first deposit affects the remaining balance to be paid – the difference is that this is offset by the amount the car will be worth at the end of the deal.