Collective Agreement Hsaa

„At the beginning of collective bargaining, DynaLife made rejection proposals. Their proposals were aimed at removing the existing collective agreement from the most fundamental features found in almost every collective agreement in our province,“ said Mr. Johnston. „DynaLife does not respect the most basic rights of collective agreements for hundreds of workers.“ All HSA members in the public health sector are covered by one of three main collective agreements: „HSAA states that DynaLife does not respect the most basic tariffs of hundreds of workers. HSAA is therefore looking for a number of remedies reserved for the most egregious violations of the code. Community social services and private sector employees are subject to three separate agreements: „Collective bargaining is not a game. Workers` rights to collective bargaining are not only protected by the Alberta Employment Standards Code (ESSA) but, as we now know, by the Constitution. Systems to undermine these rights are contrary to the principles and objectives of the code and cannot be tolerated. If you are unsure of the agreement that covers your job, please contact us.

HSAA says DynaLife has taken a „more damaging“ stance on job security issues. The complaint was filed with the Alberta Labour Relations Board (ALRB) after a five-day resumption of negotiations turned out to be „nothing more than a calculated and deliberate waste of time on the part of the employer,“ says Craig Johnston, HSAA negotiator. „On two separate occasions, HSAA asked DynaLife to address the issue of the salaries of the former Dynalife North group of workers who did not receive a wage increase for 2008. We requested a retroactive recovery of DynaLife DX`s 4% salary increase to its employee group in April 2008. On both occasions, DynaLife stated that they were not prepared to address the issue at this stage. No other reason was given.┬áThe union is also asking the province to appoint a mediator to start the talks. Edmonton (April 20, 2009) – The Alberta Health Sciences Association (HSAA/NUPGE) has filed a bad faith complaint against DynaLife Dx for failing to participate in „sincere and productive“ contract negotiations. „Unfortunately, the additional rounds of negotiations proved fruitless, only two out of 40 article proposals agreed,“ the union said.