Commercial Free License Agreement

Property. This agreement does not give ownership over the software. All rights, titles and interests relating to OpenTV software (and intellectual property rights) and all ideas, know-how and programs developed by OpenTV in the provision of technical services, including any improvement or modification of the software (or openTV intellectual property rights), remain at all times the property of OpenTV or its licensees. The software and documentation are granted and are not sold to the licensee. OpenTV and its licensees own and retain all rights, titles and interests of the software and documentation, all design changes, improvements, derivative works or modifications, as well as all related and/or related intellectual property rights, whether developed by OpenTV or by the licensee or by its employees or independent contractors. The licensee cooperates in good faith with OpenTV to the extent necessary for OpenTV to organize or obtain all intellectual property rights relating to design changes, improvements, extensions, derivative works or modifications to the software or documentation on behalf of OpenTV, without any left to the licensee for remuneration. If software or documentation associated with the U.S. government or any of it is authorized, it is considered „commercial computer software“ or „computer commercial documentation“ in accordance with Section 227.7202 and Section 12.212 of the FAR. Any use of the software or associated documentation by the U.S.

government is subject exclusively to the terms of this licensing agreement. 2.4. Terms of payment. All amounts to be paid to openTV under this agreement are paid in advance by the credit card licensee, OpenTV`s credit card information (or on behalf of OpenTV) can be stored for the payment of recurring royalties and/or pro-print royalties authorized by the opensol licensee to calculate the conditions set on If a payment transaction with the credit card provided by the licensee fails, OpenTV will make economically reasonable efforts to repeat the processing of such a transaction up to four (4) times within thirty (30) days for a rate structure of six (6) months or more, or (ii) fourteen (14) days for a monthly structure (Grace period). If the payment transaction cannot be processed and the OpenTV licensee has not paid by other means the fees due during the additional period in force, this agreement and the licenses granted to it will be terminated immediately and automatically at the end of the additional period. 2.5. Continuation of impressions.

The licensee accepts openzusein and authorizes OpenTV to track, record, record, store, collect and process at any time during the life of the licensee or its subscribers, as OpenTV must reasonably determine the costs per print, manage the taker`s account, provide customer support, enforce the terms and/or execute the terms of the contract and/or perform other functions as described at the time of collection. The licensee should not prevent OpenTV from tracking impressions, nor from taking steps that make the information resulting from tracking impressions false, false or otherwise inaccurate. The licensee grants OpenTV and its related companies a free, global, non-exclusive, permanent and irrevocable license for the use of information collected by the licensee or its subscribers with respect to printing for the operation of the software, in order to ensure compliance with this agreement and for commercial, internal development and testing purposes. A free license or an open license[1][2] is a licensing agreement that contains provisions allowing others to reuse the work of another creator, giving them four great freedoms.