Rebate Agreement In Sap Mm

With the SAP discount clearing function of the discount agreement, you can make a payment. The result of the clearing is a credit requirement. If you delete a billing block, you can convert it to credit. After payment to Debitor, the „Cancelled Demarcation“ field is automatically updated in the discount agreement with the amount paid to the debitor and also calculates the „maximum amount payable“ that remains payable to the debtor. To view it, select the condition rate in the agreement and select the „Payment Data“ icon. Create the „partial discount compensation“ (credit) billing document in reference to the „partial compensation requirement“ using the „VF01“ reservation code. In the rebate agreement, the system displays all the billing documents on the basis of which it calculated the rebate. To view these documents, select the „Check Levels“ icon from the discount agreement preview screen. In discount management, supplier agreements are recorded, purchases and sales are tracked on the basis of agreements, and discount limits and requests are managed. If the GL account assigned in BO2 is the category 1 cost type, as a cost type is optional only in billing discounts, you will book on the type of REO item. Final count: Here we must indicate the „B1“ file to create Belegra`s discount credit requirement, while the final tally is final to the debitor. The partial counting of a discount agreement takes into account all partial payments. The amount of payments may be limited to the amount that would be paid if the final settlement were being implemented, adjusting to the cumulative limits of the condition registration.

If the rebates reduce costs, you make a compensation related to the goods as a supplement to create a credit with the supplier as payer. If a discount agreement reflects a service provided to the supplier, you make the compensation as a debit request to establish an invoice for the supplier. Audit Levels: Whether the system indicates all billing credentials in the discount agreement on which the rebate is calculated, or whether it indicates the amounts based on the payer, etc. AP payment procedure to creditors in case of rebates – payments to creditors are made by deducting the amount of the rebate of the entire amount owed. The discount agreement is an important concept in billing. It is used by different companies in different sectors. SAP consultants looking for SAP SD jobs should be familiar with the process of managing discount agreements in SAP. SAP offers comfortable features for creating, booking and clearing discount agreements. For the types of discounts, we maintain the „24“ requirement, which states that the types of discounts can only be defined in a billing document.