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The director, meanwhile, openly denied the accusations and said she had visited Anita to ask her to make a cameo in the film with other ladies who had not complied with the open dereaation. Apparently, the director also contacted Anita and asked her to return the cheque and the agreement if she did not plan to sign it. Read also – Bachchan Pandey: Jacqueline Fernandez joins Akshay Kumar in Sajid Nadiadwala`s film, Kriti Sanon plays journalistThe film director Shree Narayan Singh and actress Bhumi Pednekar visited Anita a few days ago in her village in the Betul district. Singh gave him a deal and a check for 5 lakhs. However, Anita and her husband Shivram Narre refused to sign the agreement and looked for more time because they did not know English. A local journalist Sanjay Shukla, who broke Anita`s story in 2011, says the filmmakers want the deal to be signed by Anita so they can create a shield against the legal obstacles they face. The agreement, he says, says the film is based on the life of Anita Narre. Ownership of the island was the subject of controversy until 1974, when the island was administered by both countries under British rule. India has recognized Sri Lanka`s equal property rights.

The legality of the transfer was challenged in the Supreme Court of India, as the recognition had not been ratified by the Indian parliament. This recognition of an island, culturally important for fishermen in the Tamil state of Nadu in India, has caused some unrest on the part of Tamil politicians in Nadu, namely that it should be claimed by Indian sovereignty. The island is also important for fishing areas used by fishermen from both countries. The indosi-lakic agreement allows Indian fishermen to fish for katchatheevu and dry their nets on the island. As part of Sri Lanka`s civil war, the agreement has led to many difficulties with the Sri Lankan navy, which has been deployed to prevent arms smuggling by the LTTE rebel group. The island has a Catholic shrine that has attracted followers from both countries. [3] This website, based in, is owned and operated by Interpreting Markets Pvt. Ltd. These terms of use (this Contract) indicate the conditions under which you can access and use the Site. By accessing and using the website, you accept the terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree to these conditions, you cannot access or use the website. IF YOU ARE WITH HRKATHA`S CONDITIONS, CONDITIONS, RULES, POLICIES, GUIDELINES OR PRACTICES, BRINE AND MORE EXCLUSIVE, IT IS TO USE IT.

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