Grant Agreement Sinonimo

agreeing to reach an agreement, to reach an agreement, reach an agreement, reach an agreement (s)[Domain] Adoption, acceptance, adoption, adoption, espousal (s) – membership, agreement, approval, authority, approval, declaration of availability, favour, favor, favour, authorization, wilco (s) – acceptance (s) – accept, approve, approve, approve, approve, approve, with whom, stick to it, agree, agree to an agreement, , reach an agreement, an agreement, reach an agreement (s) (s) – agreement (s) – agreement (s) – agreement (s) – agreement (s) – agreement (s) – agreement , concorda (s), harmony (s) pleasant (s) – to reconcile, to improve, to reconcile, to reassure, soothe, charm, charm, soft, grunts, humor, lenify, soothing, soothing, convincing -in flexibility, flexibility, pulling ability, pulling ability – patches, stackings, touch-ups , spot-finishing, spotting-in, cremation – mend, patch Accepting; Authorize Sanctions Let`s go back. up Agree go with it; Assistance Approve Agree; Consent Return; (en) [Class] Acceptance, acceptance, adoption, Espousal (s) – membership, approval, consent, approval, proxy, approval, declaration of will, favor, favor, authorization, wilco (s) – acceptance (s) – authorize, authorize, countenance, let, license, permit (s) – allow, permit, tolerate – cert ceify, license, license – approve, O.K., okay, sanction – certify, endorsement, indorse – sanction – permissibility – allowably, permitsibly – granter , prohibition, prohibition, prohibition, abortion, veto (s) – ban, bar, ban, ban (s) – prohibition (s) – prohibition, prohibition, prohibition, prohibition, ban, prohibition, (s) – admissibility, tolerance (s) (s approval; sanction; Blessing; (consent); (acceptance; consent; authorization; sanction; Let`s go back. up; Agree with her 2.2.2. support; Approve Approve Approve Approve ), (approving; approving; approving; acknowledging; approving, approving, approving, authorizing, authorizing, authorizing, return, return sth. approve, grant, go, sanction, support (s) – something (s)[nominalization] consent (en) – consent (en) – membership, grant (s)[nominalization] approval, authorization, approval, blessing, sanction abidance (s) – tolerance (s) – acceptance, suffering, tolerance (en) – Endurance (in) – Type , tolerant (s) – patient tolerant (in) – acceptable, bearable, bearable, bearable, , bearable, bearable (s) – stay, absorb, carry, support, digest, support, install, install, climb, stand, stand out, stomach, suffering, support, endure, tolerate, tolerate, (s) – accept, live, swallow, accepting, accepting, accepting (in),derived[ .